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Badhand -FRENCH ROAST 250g

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We Say..

A dark roast like no other. Smooth with a subtle sweetness. A favourite of ours for a morning brew.

They say.

Dark roasts have been overlooked for a long time, and in fancy coffee circles it’s always the lighter roasted coffees that hog all the attention. Not now. Our French roast is a nod to some of our favourite American roasters – this coffee has sweetness, complexity and heft. Smooth, with a syrupy body, it’s become a morning favourite at the roastery and is super tasty no matter how you brew it.

Countries: 90% Honduras/10% Ethiopia
Region: Copan/Yirgacheffe
Cooperative: Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Ltda/Boledu Industrial PLC
Process: Natural/Natural

The Honduran coffee that makes up 90% of this blend was grown, harvested and processed with organic methods in Honduras, but due to late paperwork it isn’t officially allowed to be certified ‘organic’. We still made sure the farmer was paid the organic price though, and the flavour profile hits the sweet spot perfectly for this style of roasting.

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