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Paul components Dune Buggy Bandana

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What They Say…

Designed by Chico art legend Matt Loomis (who drew our Barbarian T-Shirt) and made in Greenville South Carolina from 100% cotton featuring Paul’s Dune Buggy and a bunch of the parts we make!


Head First
Head cover: Keep your hair out of your eyes and away from open flame. Neck protection: Tuck a bandanna under your hat, draped downward, to shield your nape from the sun. Dust guard: Fold it in half to make a triangle, tie it around your neck, then position it over your mouth to keep out grit. Snot rag: So useful, so yucky. Sweatband: Keep the salts of your labor from running into your eyes. Sleep mask/blindfold: Block out the visible world for a better night’s sleep (or a game of pin the tail on the tree trunk). Cooler-downer: Soak in cold water and place across your neck. Face cloth: Wipe down your grimy visage. Smoke filter: In a worst-case fire scenario, cover your mouth with a damp bandana to make breathing easier.

Cooking and Eating
Water pre-filter: Strain turbid water before treating it. Colander: Hot  water goes through; pasta, rice, and other food items don’t. Coffee filter: No java maker, no problem. Hot mitt: Protect hands from scorching pot handles. Bib: Deploy for messy foods and messy eaters. Napkin: Stop wiping your hands on your shirt! Place-mat:Add a touch of backcountry elegance. Dish cloth: Wipe up, wipe clean.

First Aid and Survival
Wound stancher: Apply direct pressure to a bleeding injury. Cold compress: Soak in cold water and apply to sprains, burns, and other injuries. Sling: Tie two together to support an injured arm. Splint binder: Tie around an emergency splint to secure in place. Tourniquet: Use to cut off blood flow only in the event of a life-or- death scenario. Trail Marker: Help find your way back.

And Beyond
Cordage/ties: Twist tightly or tear into strips. Tent sponge: Soak up water invading your tent and wipe down your rainfly before packing up. Bug swatter: Wave away mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects. Dog collar: Give Fido some style and increase his visibility, especially if he’s naturally camouflaged. Hat band: Give yourself some style. Boot wipe: Polish your hiking kicks. Wind vane: Dangle your bandana and watch which way it blows. Gear protection: Wrap up breakable items in your pack. Stocking stuffer:Share the love next holiday season. Stagecoach hold-up: For desperate times, if you find yourself lost in the 19th century. Hobo bindle: Have stick and bandana, will travel. Emergency Diaper: Better than nothin’….Toilet paper: Where bandanas go to die.

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