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Rons Fab's Abs X50 xpac Doom'd Grey

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a smaller muscle in Fabio's verdant display of musculature, but important none the less. Our smallest bag in the line up, yet like all of our original roll top hard bodies, it's EXPANDABLE! fit anything from a hefty snack and tools for the day, or add a light jacket and two 32oz tubs of your favorite yogurt! the expandable roll top and adjustable bungie bone closure w/ flap make it all possible... makes you think about your life and wonder "what else is possible?!??"

- also mounts as a saddle bag if saddle has bag loops (brooks, etc)

- x50 version is 305g / waxed cordura weighs 375g

- 10" wide X 5" of clearance needed from top of handlebar to top o' tire

- 99.89% water proof

- cordura liner pulls out for cleaning

- made in Connecticut by us! Nutmeg Needleworks Co.

- if you break it, send it back to us and we will fix it for free for as long as we exist

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