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Cube 2021 Post Brexit Price Increase

On top of the issues with shipping ports and delays regarding frames and bike components, Brexit has now added to the delays with regards to bike parts and shipping times. Furthermore Cube have had no choice but to increase the prices on the whole range due to factors that I will outline below.

Firstly the delays currently are down to Cube not being able to get bikes across the water correctly, something which every brand and courier company are struggling with. This is mostly due to the late notice with regard to the Brexit deal being done at the final hour.

Cube haven’t been able to start shipping bikes yet, as the lorry’s are still being held up due to certain parts of the paper work not being perfect, but they are working tirelessly with TNT to sort it.

Secondly the key reasons for the price increases;

  • Container price for bike parts and frames going into the EU from Asia (source) have increased 7 fold since the Covid-19 pandemic, and this is due to a lack of containers around the world, so the demand out weighs the supply and therefore the price increased.
  • There has been a relatively low increase on E-Bikes as within the deal, these are considered Tariff- Free items (Great news!), however the increase is due to the freight costs increasing from Cube to the UK.
  • There is now a 14% tariff on any bicycle imported from the EU to the UK and visa versa, which has had to have been reflected in the bike price by Cube, they are covering this cost and therefore the RRP has had to reflect this. On top of this 14% freight costs are also factored in too.

What we are doing as a dealer –

We have little choice but to adhere to the RRP changes otherwise our account will be lost. If you have already placed an order with us we will be in touch over the coming days to discuss the increase. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US! We are working through the pre-orders one by one to give an updated but rough ETA….

Please be aware that my team are human beings who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and have always tried their best wherever possible to provide you guys with bikes in a timely manner, even if it means working longer hours. If you are volatile over the phone we reserve the right to issue an instant refund and your bike will be put back on the list of available bikes…

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