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2019 Bombtrack Bikes Hit The UK.

A look at some of the 2019 Bombtrack range…

Bombtrack bicycle co. is a brand that’s close to our heart. They represent everything the adventure bike market should be! These bikes are durable, comfortable, capable and fast.

After going out to Germany to ride all the bikes in their home territory (just outside of Cologne) we were even more convinced that these guys know exactly what they are doing!

Bombtrack has a team of adventure athletes that are pushing the boundaries of the endurance and adventure genre, from Marc Maurer riding 5600 kilometres from Turkey crossing the Caucasus into Iran on his Bombtrack Beyond, to Matty Waudby and Claire Nattress riding the Annapurna circuit in Nepal on their Bombtrack Beyond Plus and Beyond Plus ADVs. The team is epic, and the bikes are up to the abuse that the guys can throw at them!

Bombtrack Hook EXT 2019

Our favourite bike in the range, this gravel adventure beast has huge tyre clearance, opening up the opportunity to take the bike down terrain normally only reserved for mountain bikes. The short rear end means the bike has a great snappy acceleration and is really quick off the mark.

Using Columbus tubing and a carbon fork, the bike is not only light, but durable and forgiving for long days in the saddle over rough terrain.

650b tyres on gravel bikes means more volume in your tyre, more bump absorption over rough stuff, less vibration on gravel, which is especially relevant when you have your bike loaded with bike packing gear. And despite what we all used to think (that narrower tyre’s are faster) 650b tyres roll just as quick as 700c, if not quicker! We could geek out all day about tyre pressures and width, and the significance of the shorter wheelbases allowed by 650b wheels, but essentially 650b and bigger tyres is a win win situation!

Anything cage mounts on the forks are a great addition too. The perfect bike packing set up, we feel, is to run a seat pack, frame bag, handlebar bag and anything cages on the fork with either water containers or roll top bags with clothing or sleeping equipment inside.

Bombtrack Hook EXT C 2019

The carbon version of the Hook EXT shaves a damn good bit of weight off its steel sister, and will naturally accelerate quicker and transmit power more efficiently. This bike is built to take some abuse but is light and fast too!

This carbon version is also equipped with the excellent Hunt 650b gravel disc wheel set.

£3000 gets you a hell of a lot of bike for your money!

Bombtrack Beyond 1 2019

The Bombtrack Beyond 1 is the ultimate all rounder, is is the quintessential modern touring bike.

Capable of riding over rough terrain comfortably for miles and miles.

29x 2.1 tyres on the larger sizes and 27.5×2.1 on the smaller sizes to allow an ultra smooth and stable feel over rough stuff.

Nice upright riding position for long days in the saddle and a flared handlebar for control and comfort on descents.

2x 10 Sram mountain bike drivetrain linked to Apex shifters make for some ridiculously low climbing gears allowing you to stay on the bike on steep loaded climbs, and giving the ultimate in reliability when out in the middle of nowhere.

The frame and forks are covered in bosses for racks, anything cages, bottles and whatever else you can dream to bolt on.

Bombtrack beyond + 1 2019

The Bombtrack beyond +1 uses a double butted steel frame and steel fork for the best durability, ride feel and comfort.

Based on a 27.5 + wheel set the bike is ready for any bike packing adventure you might dream up, however rough!

One thing you quickly realise when riding offroad with a loaded bike, is that the more tyre the better! Any thoughts of reduced rolling speed quickly disappear when you are rolling down a rocky decent. We like to choose the bike that suits the toughest section of trail you may encounter and we like to make the most of the descents that we’ve worked so hard to climb up to, therefore, we love big tyred mountain bikes for bikepacking.

This year the bike gets a Sram Eagle 1×12 groupset, which gives a really low climbing gear for those long accents, the excellent and reliable Sram Guide brakes, WTB Trailblazer 2.8 tyres and ST i35 rims.

The Bomntrack Beyond +1 is not only a great bike packing bike, but a really fun trail bike! if you like ripping single track, this bike is ready for it! And if you want to fit a suspension fork to open up some proper mountain bike potential, the frame will take up to 130mm travel. The frame is also ready to fit a stealth dropper seat post to make it even more shreddy!

Bombtrack Beyond + ADV 2019

This model has been 100% optimised for rough, offroad, long distance bike packing.

The 29+ wheel set will roll over anything, smoothly, and the Jones Loop Handlebar will keep you comfortable with a neutral wrist position while offering loads of control offload. Jones bars also allow multiple hand positions much like a drop handlebar.

Matty Waudby (@getwildmatty) Has proven the capability of this model by riding it across Spanish mountains on the Altravesur Southern Spain traverse, the Himalayas and his local North York Moors trails, while often on the back wheel!

Using anything cage mounts on the fork and boss’s everywhere for gear and bottles, the bike can be ridden heavily loaded, but is a lot of fun to rip around your local woods too!

Sram Eagle GX gives 10-50 tooth 12 speed cassette for the ultimate adventure gearing!

Sram Guide 4 piston brakes for beastly stopping power, and WTB Ranger Tough 29 x 3.0 tyres for all the cushion and grip you will need.

Bombtrack Audax AL 2019

The Bombtrack Audax is an eye opener! We have all now sold our road bikes in favour of ‘Road Plus’ bikes, which allow us to turn down that rough road that looks more interesting than the traffic infested alternative. If you can ride comfortably and quickly on any terrain and not have to feel like dressing head to toe in spandex when doing it, this bike is for you!

Aluminium can often be written off as stiff, but Bombtrack have cleverly designed the Audax AL with a dropped seat stay junction to aid ride feel and flex.

A light full carbon tapered fork helps keep the weight down.

Road group-set keeps that tight ratio for fast rides, and Trp Spyre Brakes for sharp reliable braking.

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