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A Purbeck overnighter

Nothing like a summer evening on the Isle of Purbeck, riding bikes and camping out. It is the dream bike packing location, theres something special about the evening light there that just looks so good!

Maik on his Ritchey Ultra 29er, me on my Brother Big Bro, we pedalled long gravel trails and single track down to a beautiful bay for an evening swim, before heading back up the hill for a swift pint and pasty, and eventually finding our camp spot, down on the coast.

I woke up to rain on my face, feeling glad Id brought my bivvy bag, its was so warm I was tempted to just bring a sleeping bag liner!

We waited for a break in the drizzle to get some coffee on, watching the big swell that had come in overnight crashing against the rocks. Once fed and caffeinated we pedalled off up the long climb and back to Corfe castle.

We had headed out after a long days work on a Thursday and were back home before lunch. It just shows you can have a mini adventure anytime, you don’t have to travel to a new far flung place to have a good time!

Tom @fomtaz

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