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Sub £2000 gravel bikes in steel, aluminium and even carbon!

We have tons of choice in gravel bikes in the sub £2000 price range at the moment, some with discounts!
Steel, aluminium and even carbon, take you pick!
Below are some examples, but there are loads more!
  • Salsa Journeyer 2022 £1700
  • Rondo Ruut AL2 £1300 (normally £1450)
  • Rondo Bogan £1850 (normally £2149)
  • Salsa Vaya £1900 (normally £2250)
  • Cube Nuroad Race FE £1599 (normally £1999)
  • Cube Nuroad pro £1049 (normally £1199)
  • Cube Nuroad c62 £1999 (normally 32349)
  • Bombtrack Arise £1150

Call us or pop us an E-mail to find out more.

02380 282028

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