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Swim ride in the rain

Swim ride in the rain

Well, the sunny ‘swim ride’ we had planned didn’t quite work out, typical for this summer so far!

We started off in the dry through Denny Wood in a big group of around 25.

Swimming in the rain is beautiful though, its better than when its sunny. The water was warm and calm, and high tide at Tanners lane means the water is clean and you don’t have to hike out half a mile over sharp rocks to get to the depth where you can swim.

The route (link below) used some of my favourite rough bits of the forest, with some rooty single track in Roydon Woods, riding it in the pouring rain whilst trying to film on my phone resulted in me riding into a tree, I got away lightly with a mere knuckle scrape, video available on our instagram.

We cruised back on the quiet roads around Boldre, which are very pleasant, its a shame you can’t get to the beach from the shop exclusively on gravel, but the roads are very quiet and picturesque.

Here’s hoping for ‘Indian summer’ to fall on a Sunday soon!

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