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Bedrock Cairn Evo Sandals

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Color: Yellow Ochre

What We Say...

The Bedrock Cairn Evo Sandal is now a quintessential part of the Gravel Dad dress code. Perfect for summer shredding, river crossing and campsite chilling!

Be careful when getting gnarly in these as one or two people, Cass included, have experienced the only disadvantage of the open toe box!

Take a look at this review from friend of The Woods - Cass Gilbert from

Any questions please get in touch!

What They Say... 

The latest from our category-defining “freedom footwear” line, the NEW Cairn Evo delivers a daily-dose of adventure, from hiking trails, bike tours, or just kicking around town. Updated for 2024 with grippier Vibram® XS Trek EVO outsoles and to our new Evo sizing + fit standard.

Updated Vibram® XS Trek EVO non-marking outsole improves traction across varied terrain and conditions while retaining best in class durability. For highest performance grip in wet + slippery terrain consider the Cairn Evo PRO.

Premium Quality: We spent years sourcing the best materials in the world, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors.


Sizing Information

Print your Size Outline

Print off your likely size outlines for Cairn Sandal Styles in our chart below to find your ideal fit. Please note that you must change Printer Settings to "100% Scale".

You can find all Cairn Evo Size Outlines in our sizing chart below. To compare our old Cairn sandal sizing to new 2024 Evo sizing do so here.


Check to make sure outline printed correctly

Verify Size Outline

Double check the size outline printed correctly by verifying with a ruler on each outline. A "printed incorrectly" message will appear in part or full at the top and bottom of an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of printer paper if printed incorrectly.


Stand on template to see if size fits

Find your Best Fit

Stand on the printed size outline and place your foot inside. We recommend ~1 cm of space inside of the outline at the toe and heel to ensure a good fit. 

The solid outline represents the exact outline of the sandal while the dotted line represents Bedrock's best fit suggestion. 


Send us a photo of your foot on the outline for help

Get In Touch

Wondering which size would fit you best? Email a few photos of your foot on a printed size outline to get our expert opinion. We'll get back to you quickly! 

Please mention the model type you're interested in as well as photos of the top down and profile perspectives that show the space around the toe and heel. 


Bedrock Sandal Sizing Chart

Please print out your likely size outline and follow the instructions above. Don't have access to a printer? Measure your foot length and width with a ruler and choose a size 1.5-2 cm bigger. To compare our old Cairn sandal sizing to new 2024 Evo sizing do so here. Email us at for assistance.



NEW Bedrock Cairn Evo Size Actual Sandal Length (cm) Actual Sandal Width (cm) All Cairn Evo Style Size Outlines
Men's 5 / Women's 6 24 9.5 Print Evo 5/6
Men's 6 / Women's 7 24.9 9.8 Print Evo 6/7
Men's 7 / Women's 8 25.7 10 Print Evo 7/8
Men's 8 / Women's 9 26.6 10.3 Print Evo 8/9
Men's 9 / Women's 10 27.4 10.6 Print Evo 9/10
Men's 10 / Women's 11 28.3 10.9 Print Evo 10/11
Men's 11 / Women's 12 29.2 11.3 Print Evo 11/12
Men's 12 / Women's 13 30.2 11.6 Print Evo 12/13
Men's 13 / Women's 14 31.2 11.8 Print Evo 13/14
Men's 14 / Women's 15 32.2 12.1 Print Evo 14/15
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